The Sandcastle

a magical children’s adventure by M.P.Robertson

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Jack loves building sandcastles more than anything in the world. But he can’t stop the sea from stealing them away. Then one day he finds a shell with magical powers, and makes a wish to be king of his own sandcastle. In no time he finds himself in the middle of an amazing adventure. But is his new power greater than the power of the sea?

This magical tale from M.P. Robertson draws the reader into Jack’s amazing adventure of wishes, sandcastles, shells, mermaids and floods through the truly magnificent, full-colour illustrations.

A popular read in schools especially in summer and a great book for boys, this atmospheric adventure shows us the power of our imagination and dreams.


This is a softback book, Size - Portrait 290mm x 205mm. With 32 full colour pages, 140gsm FSC paper.

Designed, published and printed in the UK

Awards & Publicity

‘Every time you look at it, it leaves an imprint on your mind like a footprint in the sand.’ The Guardian

‘Full of transporting illustrations painted with all the sureness and authority of an old master, and a plot that straddles the ordinary and extraordinary.’ Sally Williams, The Independent

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